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So excited I have my web site! Take a look… visit my site. http://www.lorifotography.com Thank you very much.


Award Nomination – One Lovely Blog

I’m happy to have been nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award” by a fellow blogger who I will share writes a beautiful poetic blog.  Who shares pieces of his spirit, body and soul that have a way of capturing. Thank you http://poeticcreole.wordpress.com/ for the nomination and to follow with the rules, which include thanking you, I will be sharing 7 random things about myself and nominating 15 bloggers.  I may have a bit of a challenge for I’m a bit new and 15 is pretty high when you’re new.  I do visit a few and PoeticCreole, your blog is one.  If I don’t post 15, I will have to revisit my list and update at a later point.  Thank you 🙂

7 Random Things about me…hmmmm….

1. I love being entertained.  Enjoy the drama on the big screen where it belongs…most of the time!!

2. I spend way too much time playing systems help for the weak at work!

3. Mother of two handsome bright young men.

4. Enjoy a nice plate of homemade Mexican food for not all Mexican food in Texas is in the same! Mine is more west Tex with a little of New Mexico!

5. Enjoy most styles of music but I’m finding myself not tuning into the radio much lately for I’m not hearing much that embraces my style… OH NO!! I’m becoming my parents!! No!! I’m not that old! I’m still flirting a good Fortysomething!! LOL!!

6. Would love to see more of the world! If I ever hit it big… I’m traveling this beautiful earth of ours!

7. Enjoy simplicity…

Now to nominate 15… bloggers I have come to enjoy.  The number 15 is blogging my mind… let me start.  Of course I must start with the very blogger that has wonderful taste I must say… 🙂

1. I’m pointing you to a post that is of mature nature but weakens the breath… here’s a return nomination to a favorite blogger


2. http://wheresmybackpack.com/

3. http://iaggelidaki.wordpress.com/

4. http://freesavannah.wordpress.com/

5. http://belfastsnapper.wordpress.com/2012/10/21/belfast-door-3/

6. http://pjlphotographysnapshots.wordpress.com/

7. http://hovercraftdoggy.com/ 

8. http://wvtxpendotcom.wordpress.com/about/

9. http://arindammohapatra.wordpress.com/

Above is all I have and I know now I must spread my wings a bit more… Hope you enjoy and thank you again PoeticCreole 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Silhouette


The silhouette of love!

I took this picture without them knowing I was ready so they weren’t either! Best time to capture and the result of not being ready, gave me a silhouette beautifully reflecting enough light to show the love between a newly engaged couple! A cowboy and his cowgirl.

Travel Theme ~ Animals

This is my neighbor… he/she hops in and out every now and then.  This pretty rabbit lives somewhere out back of my home.  One night I had my camera ready.

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Happy

Here are a few pieces of my “Happy”!!

The movie theater, my pink skeletoes sport shoes.

Mexican food from home! Nachos, menudo.

Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas carrot cake.

Exercise although it’s sometimes not happy with me, at least my knee is not happy.

Sitting outside enjoying some coffee or a latte with a bagel, muffin or tart!

And of course my camera!

Center of Fear


This room was my morning’s welcome today.

Do you recognize this, does it look familiar?? If not and you’re 38+ years old, it kinda should. Get your checkup (mammograms) and I’m talking to you men as well… 🙂

Mine was a CT Scan this morning, in the center of this big circular machine that spins around, taking photos of my insides to once again determine my fate.  To let everyone know if I’m good for another year!  Do you go through such every year?  I hope not.

In the lobby, there were very few folks there this morning.  Me and older man whose son was there to assist him were called up at the same time. The son who appeared to be older than me jokes as the 3 of us walk down the hall… and mind you his Dad appeared to be in his 80’s… the son says, “Hey Dad, nice, you’re in company of a girl” and looks at me with a smile as he chuckles.  He continues and at this point I’m looking at him and he at me and he says,  “well both of you are here for the same, I’m just fine!”.  I laugh in his face and keep walking!

Some People say the dumbest things when they are in the center of fear for I know it cause I see it and hear it so clearly when I’m in that center with them!

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Mine

I can’t deny this is ‘mine’ a reflection of ‘me’.  Where I’m from, this month is a month we bring up awareness in Breast Cancer.  I am a 3 year breast cancer survivor and when I saw this today as I prepared to take a picture of my favorite seat with my favorite coffee and bread, I immediately felt what I feel when I see anything that reminds me of the journey that transformed the “me” who survives today! I knew this was ‘mine’.  These lights that shine brightly in the color that represents the many who battle today, yesterday and tomorrow are ‘me’.  I wear the scars that this tree embodies in the message it brightly expresses yet many don’t know. They don’t know why, how, what or who this is for. They probably just see a beautifully lit tree but can’t hear the loud message it is sending to the many out there who will be ‘me’.  Who are walking with those cells getting ready to turn on them, getting ready to take over, to take and take and take.  Breast Cancer takes, takes the very essence of what girls look forward to when growing up.  I recall the exercise as a young girl that we would play as we held our palms together chanting, “we must, we must, we must increase our bust”.  I also recall young girls stuffing their bras to increase that of what one so was eager to grow into.  Scary to know that the very part we so define our femininity with  is also the very part that kills so many.  Breast Cancer takes, it takes your hair, your body image, your bodies stamina, your breasts… and if you don’t catch it early enough, it will take your life.

This is Mine!

I Love A Rainy Night…

Rain always brings to mind a song I used to love to sing as a kid… Eddie Rabbitt’s “I love A Rainy Night”.  Where I live, we’re in for a very rainy weekend. I took this shot on my way home from work to capture the moment for we truly do not get much rain. As I look out my window, the rain is quietly coming down and there’s a dedicated jogger enjoying the feel of rain on her face as she jogs past my window.  At least I would like to believe she’s enjoying it or why else would she be doing it?  I guess I have to believe some are just too dedicated and like the mailman, rain is not going to interfere.  Here’s my rainy photo shot.