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Month: September, 2012

I Love A Rainy Night…

Rain always brings to mind a song I used to love to sing as a kid… Eddie Rabbitt’s “I love A Rainy Night”.  Where I live, we’re in for a very rainy weekend. I took this shot on my way home from work to capture the moment for we truly do not get much rain. As I look out my window, the rain is quietly coming down and there’s a dedicated jogger enjoying the feel of rain on her face as she jogs past my window.  At least I would like to believe she’s enjoying it or why else would she be doing it?  I guess I have to believe some are just too dedicated and like the mailman, rain is not going to interfere.  Here’s my rainy photo shot.  

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Solitary

Our challenge is to show in picture “Solitary”.  The Moon, is there anyone up there? I don’t think so. The Moon, always looks so beautiful, peaceful and alone. I took this picture on the night of September 25, 2012.

Raindrops on …

A rainy day and soon such leaves will not be so green! 

Still Blue Waters…


Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Everyday Life

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Everyday Life! I was headed to the mall to take a few pictures of everyday life from my favorite outside chair and I received a call from my husband who knew I was on my way to find my subject for this weeks photo challenge and says, “Why don’t you come and take pictures of me, my uncle and cousin as we work on rebuilding a rock wall”. I thought… that would be everyday life!! There is always some rebuilding going on in one’s life… everyday!! Be it on the outside and yes on the inside! It is always happening! I did find out that the wall you see them rebuilding here was taken down by a 21-year-old female driver who shouldn’t have been driving! Thankfully she survived and all can be rebuilt. 🙂

My husband is the one in the black t-shirt, hunting cap, Javier R. Monreal, his cousin is in the blue cap, orange shirt, Mario and his uncle is in the grey shirt, Mario.

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Near and Far

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This was our Blue Moon on the eve of Neil Armstrong’s last goodbye, the night before his burial. I love the moon and as Neil Armstrong proved, the moon is not that far away! It is Near and Far depending on where you’re standing! In my photo it looks pretty near… don’t you think?

I took these pictures on the night of August 30, 2012

– Lori Monreal ~ lorifotography


Just a quiet moment… peaceful.Image

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

A wishful toss …a dream… so “Near” and yet so “Far”!

Lori Monreal – Fotography