Center of Fear


This room was my morning’s welcome today.

Do you recognize this, does it look familiar?? If not and you’re 38+ years old, it kinda should. Get your checkup (mammograms) and I’m talking to you men as well… 🙂

Mine was a CT Scan this morning, in the center of this big circular machine that spins around, taking photos of my insides to once again determine my fate.  To let everyone know if I’m good for another year!  Do you go through such every year?  I hope not.

In the lobby, there were very few folks there this morning.  Me and older man whose son was there to assist him were called up at the same time. The son who appeared to be older than me jokes as the 3 of us walk down the hall… and mind you his Dad appeared to be in his 80’s… the son says, “Hey Dad, nice, you’re in company of a girl” and looks at me with a smile as he chuckles.  He continues and at this point I’m looking at him and he at me and he says,  “well both of you are here for the same, I’m just fine!”.  I laugh in his face and keep walking!

Some People say the dumbest things when they are in the center of fear for I know it cause I see it and hear it so clearly when I’m in that center with them!

3 thoughts on “Center of Fear

  1. It’s good you’re there for your Dad. I can understand feeling claustrophobic, those places, tight spaces make you feel it rather quickly. I can’t say I’m one but I sure could understand it. And thank you for the well wishes… I don’t know just yet what my scan reads until Tuesday. Thank you Ioanna and I hope your mom is doing well. Keep sharing those words you shared before for it does help and I appreciate them.

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