Award Nomination – One Lovely Blog

I’m happy to have been nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award” by a fellow blogger who I will share writes a beautiful poetic blog.  Who shares pieces of his spirit, body and soul that have a way of capturing. Thank you for the nomination and to follow with the rules, which include thanking you, I will be sharing 7 random things about myself and nominating 15 bloggers.  I may have a bit of a challenge for I’m a bit new and 15 is pretty high when you’re new.  I do visit a few and PoeticCreole, your blog is one.  If I don’t post 15, I will have to revisit my list and update at a later point.  Thank you 🙂

7 Random Things about me…hmmmm….

1. I love being entertained.  Enjoy the drama on the big screen where it belongs…most of the time!!

2. I spend way too much time playing systems help for the weak at work!

3. Mother of two handsome bright young men.

4. Enjoy a nice plate of homemade Mexican food for not all Mexican food in Texas is in the same! Mine is more west Tex with a little of New Mexico!

5. Enjoy most styles of music but I’m finding myself not tuning into the radio much lately for I’m not hearing much that embraces my style… OH NO!! I’m becoming my parents!! No!! I’m not that old! I’m still flirting a good Fortysomething!! LOL!!

6. Would love to see more of the world! If I ever hit it big… I’m traveling this beautiful earth of ours!

7. Enjoy simplicity…

Now to nominate 15… bloggers I have come to enjoy.  The number 15 is blogging my mind… let me start.  Of course I must start with the very blogger that has wonderful taste I must say… 🙂

1. I’m pointing you to a post that is of mature nature but weakens the breath… here’s a return nomination to a favorite blogger









Above is all I have and I know now I must spread my wings a bit more… Hope you enjoy and thank you again PoeticCreole 🙂

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