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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Silhouette


The silhouette of love!

I took this picture without them knowing I was ready so they weren’t either! Best time to capture and the result of not being ready, gave me a silhouette beautifully reflecting enough light to show the love between a newly engaged couple! A cowboy and his cowgirl.

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Happy

Here are a few pieces of my “Happy”!!

The movie theater, my pink skeletoes sport shoes.

Mexican food from home! Nachos, menudo.

Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas carrot cake.

Exercise although it’s sometimes not happy with me, at least my knee is not happy.

Sitting outside enjoying some coffee or a latte with a bagel, muffin or tart!

And of course my camera!

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Mine

I can’t deny this is ‘mine’ a reflection of ‘me’.  Where I’m from, this month is a month we bring up awareness in Breast Cancer.  I am a 3 year breast cancer survivor and when I saw this today as I prepared to take a picture of my favorite seat with my favorite coffee and bread, I immediately felt what I feel when I see anything that reminds me of the journey that transformed the “me” who survives today! I knew this was ‘mine’.  These lights that shine brightly in the color that represents the many who battle today, yesterday and tomorrow are ‘me’.  I wear the scars that this tree embodies in the message it brightly expresses yet many don’t know. They don’t know why, how, what or who this is for. They probably just see a beautifully lit tree but can’t hear the loud message it is sending to the many out there who will be ‘me’.  Who are walking with those cells getting ready to turn on them, getting ready to take over, to take and take and take.  Breast Cancer takes, takes the very essence of what girls look forward to when growing up.  I recall the exercise as a young girl that we would play as we held our palms together chanting, “we must, we must, we must increase our bust”.  I also recall young girls stuffing their bras to increase that of what one so was eager to grow into.  Scary to know that the very part we so define our femininity with  is also the very part that kills so many.  Breast Cancer takes, it takes your hair, your body image, your bodies stamina, your breasts… and if you don’t catch it early enough, it will take your life.

This is Mine!

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Solitary

Our challenge is to show in picture “Solitary”.  The Moon, is there anyone up there? I don’t think so. The Moon, always looks so beautiful, peaceful and alone. I took this picture on the night of September 25, 2012.

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Everyday Life

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Everyday Life! I was headed to the mall to take a few pictures of everyday life from my favorite outside chair and I received a call from my husband who knew I was on my way to find my subject for this weeks photo challenge and says, “Why don’t you come and take pictures of me, my uncle and cousin as we work on rebuilding a rock wall”. I thought… that would be everyday life!! There is always some rebuilding going on in one’s life… everyday!! Be it on the outside and yes on the inside! It is always happening! I did find out that the wall you see them rebuilding here was taken down by a 21-year-old female driver who shouldn’t have been driving! Thankfully she survived and all can be rebuilt. 🙂

My husband is the one in the black t-shirt, hunting cap, Javier R. Monreal, his cousin is in the blue cap, orange shirt, Mario and his uncle is in the grey shirt, Mario.

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Near and Far

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This was our Blue Moon on the eve of Neil Armstrong’s last goodbye, the night before his burial. I love the moon and as Neil Armstrong proved, the moon is not that far away! It is Near and Far depending on where you’re standing! In my photo it looks pretty near… don’t you think?

I took these pictures on the night of August 30, 2012

– Lori Monreal ~ lorifotography

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

A wishful toss …a dream… so “Near” and yet so “Far”!

Lori Monreal – Fotography